For the Book-Lovers: My Fab New Book Tote!!

Organized Thurzday badge

Happy OrganiZed ThurZday! :) Nobody will believe that I bought this insanely awesome book tote for five bucks, so I have taken pictures of it with price tags still attached:


If you are a reader of my ilk, you will understand why I read 6-8 books concurrently at pretty much all times, which is why I NEEDED this amazing tote! (Hey, TV-watchers follow a different series of shows for every night of the week, so if book lovers follow roughly the same number of books each week, I see nothing wrong with it!)

The books I am currently reading, plus the two journals I use to take notes--one for professional notes, the other a personal journal for things I've learned, reflections, etc.
The books I am currently reading, plus the two journals I use to take notes–one for professional notes, the other a personal journal for things I’ve learned, reflections, etc.

Now, instead of wandering the house and wondering where I last left the history, the fantasy novel, or the how-to book I am currently reading, I simply look for the tote, which is much easier to find:

And whenever I finish a page or a chapter, I am very fussy now about putting my book back into the tote, so that I don’t have to to pull up all the sofa cushions while looking for lost books (which, until I found this tote, was a daily activity around here!).

I lug this tote all over the house now, so that I can read in between work tasks, during lunch, or while supervising my children’s homework time.

The only thing I can’t decide about this tote is: what should I put in the little window at the front??

P.S. The store where I bought this tote (Ross Dress for Less) was also selling FOUR other versions of this same bag, with identical design, but which were increasingly larger in size. With the entire set, you could, in theory, carry around matching totes for your shoes, your shawl, your reading snacks, and your cozy lap quilt. Aaaaahhhhh! :)

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  1. I need several of these!!! I wish we had a shop like that up here. I carry books around, frequently, whether in home or out…I have a kindle – but sometimes you just need the book. As for the window…do something thematic, depends on what books you put in them – maybe a cute quote from your favorite book. Maybe a picture of your family reading books, if used for genealogy books – a genealogy tree…your family name in beautiful scroll.
    Thanks for sharing – gonna have to keep a look out online for one. :)

    • Thanks! I bet if you look it up by the name on the tag shown here, you could find it maybe on Amazon??
      Love the quote idea, Steph—I am SO going to try that! :)

      • Sadly, I couldn’t find these totes :( on Amazon. There is only one website that sells a 3-pack for $30, and add shipping to Alaska? Not worth it. So anyone else who reads this – go get one if you live near a Ross! They aren’t easy to find otherwise!

  2. Ouch!
    You know, I once found this amazing organizer for $18 at TJ Maxx, and my friend loved it so much that I wanted to find another one for her, but they were sold out. I Googled it, and the thing cost $70 elsewhere, so those closeout stores like Ross and TJ Maxx really are giving the DEALS. Thanks for letting me know–wish I could get you one, but I got mine in the city where my sister lives over the holidays; I won’t be back for a while! :(

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